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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Parties, Parties Everywhere

The birthday parties have begun!!  We started in February with Matthew's 1st birthday and haven't stopped since.  Although we were out of town for Owen Darby (Matthew's friend) and Will Walker's (Lauren's friend) parties (BTW- LG and Elicia I have the boys presents I just keep forgetting to bring them to church).  We are now moving on to Ryan (Lauren's cousin who is 4) whose party is this Saturday.  He is only 6 weeks older than Lauren and they have the best time playing together.  This year Matthew will get to join in the mix and hopefully they will leave Brayden (3 months) alone :)    Next is Harper Crowder.  Lauren LOVES Harper!!   We even had to name our Elf on the Shelf after Harper (I think Lauren gets tired of all the boys) Ha!  I hear Harper is having a Tea Party for her 1st birthday.  Lauren will be thrilled!!  After Harper comes Lauren's 4th birthday - a Butterfly Birthday to be exact!!  Thankfully I was able to find butterfly party supplies at the dollar store!  That was such a God thing.  Steve and I were wondering where in the world we would find some that wouldn't cost a fortune and decided to wander into the dollar store one night and JACKPOT!!  Planning parties on a budget isn't easy especially when you start seeing other kids parties!  I already have some cute ideas and hope they work out.  I will do another post with pictures after her birthday in May.  At the rate I'm going it will be a long while after her birthday since Matthew's was in February and I still don't have pictures or anything up.  Be watching for Matthew's birthday (John Deere) blog post some time soon.  Until then Happy Birthday to all the kiddos!!

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